Are Tug Responsive Bearing YoYo's Worth The Effort?

I am playing my SPYY Addict Gen 1 (#036) with one responsive pad in. It is tug responsive while still being able to pull off most unresponsive throws.

Spencer Berry released the Walter as a tug responsive bearing yoyo for the purpose of being a chilled out just for fun throw to “shred” with.

With the Fixed Axle seeing a surge in popularity and an endless supply of new unresponsive throws available do you think there is still a place in the market for the responsive bearing metal throw outside of the beginner market?

The play style of these throws splits the difference between FA and Unresponsive and is a unique, at least for me, throwing experience.

Does anyone around here still rock the tug responsive throw?

An extra axle wrap on a unresponsive yoyo doesn’t count, I know we all play like that sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you haven’t spent much time with the tug responsive metal I think you are missing out on a novel yoyo experience. :slight_smile: Kind of like reading Encyclopedia’s and looking up words in a dictionary rather then wikipedia or google. Very retro but still fancy and fun.

I like my yyj hybrids with the slim bearing in, its plenty of fun

Every now and then I put a short axle and bearing in my WM2 or Nessie and I just try to hit everything on a responsive yoyo.

Sometimes I miss stop and goes lol.

I would think so, it helps you develop a different method when the throw is responsive. The finesse and accuracy have to be tighter in order to not screw up the trick.

I play mostly responsive. But it’s fun. Do what you enjoy.

Probably 90% of my collection is responsive. I actually only found out about unresponsive yoyos a little over a year ago.

Up until then my main yoyos were No Jives, Sleep Machines, Tornados & Bumble Bees.

I’m loving playing a simple $10 YYJ Classic with the narrow bearing at the moment. I actually intend to buy quite a few of them and give them away to kids locally who see me yo-yoing, they’re a great introduction to modern yo-yos.

Well, with the demand for the Walter, I would say there is still market for tug responsive bearing YoYos.

we’ll all be throwing responsive in a year or two.

My new Duncan Al showed up today. It plays tug responsive and I think I am going to leave it that way for a while. It is kind of fun having a well made metal that pays responsive. It sure makes messing up tricks hurt more.

I thoroughly enjoy throwing my responsive yoyos every now and then

I love playing with my No-Jive, Cold Fusion, and Eh!

I know at least 3 stop and go variations on unresponsive yoyos. :wink: And yup, they’re fun!

Well, do share… I’ve not quite found the feeling for unresponsive Stop n Gos…

I don’t have any responsive metals, but I do enjoy throwing old Freehands (especially the older ones with the rubber weight rings).

I like Stop n Go and Flyaway Dismounts. Other times I am just too lazy to bind. And I love that responsive yoyos feel like they unwind all the way down, unlike most modern yoyos that feel like they drop the last inch or two.

imho - yo yoin’ w/ a responsive yo yo takes more skill than an unresponsive yo yo. i wouldn’t necessarily consider them ‘for beginners’.

i came into the yo yo scene almost 10 years ago now…unresponsive yo yos were just comin’ to light. there was certainly no such thing as ‘silicone’ response.

a tug response was no problem…most of the players at the time came from an unresponsive background. imho - this helped w/ developin’ smoother playin’ styles. it wasn’t some much stop and go as fast as you can…it was more of style and flow. more ‘bout yo yoin’, not so much the yo yo.

that’s how i saw it, anyway…




Frank, there’s Logan Willis’ “Broken Sky Bind” which is not a bind, but a stop-and-go trick. There’s “Stop n Go Dat GT” by Charles Haycock.

You can do a basic stop and go by doing a simple “bind formation” whereby your hands are at the same height and the loop is almost ready to bind. You can feel the friction slowing the yoyo down, hop it up like a normal stop and go, and then give’er.

I have a stop and go GT tutorial coming up on “Trick a Day, Eh?” … I think it’s scheduled for day 50 as of right now.

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