through one year research and finally got this...



to this

As a student who were having his final semester to prepare the national college entrance examination,I had to do about 8 test paper a day. Day by day is paper and paper. I was kind of mad so I got myself a yoyo for relaxing or rather venting my mood. I treat my yoyo as a sandbag, broke it with ground for fun. Several weeks passed, and i got bored again so I want to do something more on my yoyo. I watch some basic video tut, and learned to bind , laceration trapeze, and eli hop when i finally entered my university. I gave up yoyoing and learn some 3d tech in summer vacation.

Haven’t join any organization, so I picked yoyoing and start it seriously this time in the beginning of my first semester. I quickly got to my first limit ---- “skin the gerbal”, each time i do it , the yoyo came to broke my hand automatically.( I don’t know how to do a breakaway that time) And so is the “suicide”. I gave up it again…

Doesn’t know the exact time is, I accidentally got to this site, and finally got a deep thinking about yoyo. I started to make a plan on yoyoing, and wrote down a tricklist with schedule. Really thanks to YYE, I managed to do most of Expert level trick til the end of the second semester.

Then was the second limit… Master level trick to my yoyo is impossible?

I’ve never tried to do trick over 10 seonds and how those men in the video doing crazy stuff about 30 seconds with one throw? I got interested in yoyo principal and designing. So I kept practicing string tricks while asking some people who have designing experience in my country.

Unfortunately, I haven’t receive any instructive advice but batches of taunts. Perhaps the question I ask is so naive.Meh… whatever people think of me can not change my mind. I go to youtube find more trick tutorial and learn new elements. So the third semester ended.,106596.0.html

A winter vacation with yoyo research is not good, I don’t know why I kept doing these things . My friends laughed at me when I do tricks, my parents consider it a childish toy… but people on YYN and YYE seems not. So I post my research work on YYN and YYE to see if it works when I back to school.

Good luck will always come if you spare great efforts.I received many suggestions and useful warnings from the post on YYE and YYN.Besides I found my cowork to help with the design. I also got help from several people in my country . Without their advice won’t exist this thread.

So I continued my project more firmly, I never have so much fun from anything, thank you yoyo, you make me a whole. I realized it was time to seperate this life style, using the yoyo I design with the video I made and freestyle I composed!(video and freestyle will come soon, it’s a bit trouble to send video to youtube in my country…)

The fifth semester passed a month, I got 7 people yoyoing already, and last day did the prototype come. I assembled it , not sure what mood I was in. I gave it a through not so good, sure to have more tweak, … I went to a grassland sitting down,recalling those days I gave up and picked it again…

I am a man with no religious belief, however yoyo give me something like that, it promote my determination, creation and execution. I plan to sale my yoyo to hundred people in my school and let them enjoy this fun!


amazing. Are you going to sell these beauties?



Seriously I know I would buy one


Wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing! I love how openly and honestly you’re sharing what yoyo has given you!


That’s a beaut. Do you have the specifics like circumference, width, weight, and such? Looks awesome! Glad you continued on with your project!


Reminds me of the MVP meets the PURE with the solid sides. Interesting for sure. I’d like to and play one. Maybe even own one.

Simple, to the point. Nothing wrong with that!


Can you guess who I am in the video?

(rizkiyoist) #8

So did your wind affected yoyo idea actually works?


not so good sir… actually the outer part have a little vibe due to the thread structure. many things need to be tweaked


Ah but you will sell these right?