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Couple sold, some cool ones still left.


Some cool yoyo’s left here!


the roadster is autographed by Tom Van Dan Elzen, Owner of Pro-Yo and father to “Yo-Hans”


Thanks Chuck! It’s been so long that this was signed, I couldn’t remember who signed it, and I couldn’t read it either.

I’ve actually pulled the 2 autographed yoyo’s. I just found my box of autographed yo-yo’s, going to be selling those soon. Autographs from Tom VanDanElzen, Jennifer Baybrook, Don Duncan, Dennis McBride, Bill deBoisblanc, Dale Myrberg, Dale Oliver & Dave Schulte. All of the National Yo-Yo Grand Master Award Winners. I’ll get those up probably next week.



Added 6 New YoYo’s yesterday.

A lot of cool yoyo’s left. I think on Friday some of these will be moving to ebay.


Back to the Top!


Merged my 2 threads, and added another 3 yoyo’s. Bunch sold, but feel free to make offers on remaining yoyos!


Had a TON sell last night, still some cool yoyo’s left!


Added a first year Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket!




Still some great stuff here. I’m interested in anything from OneDrop & CLYW that I don’t have, trades welcome!


New Autographed yoyo’s added.

Feel free to make offers!


My Vintage Duncan Collection is up for sale now!


Back to the top.

I have a KC Jewel Kuhn No Jive and a new in box Kuhn Roller Woody I’ll be posting this afternoon, for anyone interested.


Cold Fusion is SOLD!


This is it, this is all I have left to trade or sell. Everything else I’m keeping.


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