Thoughts on Flying Panda

Saw it at big 5 for like 7 dollars and got tempted to buy it to try offstring(new to offstring) and was wondering if it was a good yoyo, tried looking at reviews but its kinda mixed of good and bad ones so i have no idea how it plays really some people even compared to the aquarius which seemed outrageous to me lol. So what are your thoughts???

Its ok for off string. The most annoying thing is that the caps can fall out if you drop out too much which will happen

for beginner offstring, it’ll suffice. It’s by no means what I would call good though. I would rather spring for the extra 20 bucks and pick up a fiesta xx.

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I have a Flying Panda, but I suck at offstring so what would I know?
I ended up popping the caps out as they kept falling out from my miscatches. I like it, just need to work on Offstring a lot more as it’s pretty rare that I actually catch the yoyo on the string. Good thing for its bouncy rubber rims! (And do check the tightness every-so-often.)