thoughts on Duncan Echo 2 + Performance Rings?


Im thinking of buying the Echo 2 since for some reason they are $25 now… i was thinking of putting in the new weight rings as well since im not really looking for super long fingerspins so im not buying extra
lateral caps… how does the Echo 2 play anyway in like normal and horizontal?


I know absolutely nothing about horizontal but I have both the original and Echo 2. Echo 2 is actually amazing for it’s price (I had paid either $40 or $50 for mine at the time), was one of my many Disneyland souvenirs :slight_smile: . $25, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth, it’s a pretty smooth player (and comes with a Dif-e-yo Konkave bearing too).

Wait, this works with the weight rings? I may have to order me some to experiment with it!


Weight rings work with any FHZ cap yoyo and the list on the page includes the Echo 2 and the Torque along with a few others so anything you can fit in an FHZ including stuff like lateral caps…