Duncan metals with performance rings?

Has anyone tried Duncan’s performance rings with Duncan metal throws?(like the torque, echo, etc) Do they play any different? How different do they play from when they don’t have weight rings? Thanks in advance for the replies. :smiley:

i tried weight rings in my echo 2 and it played more solid, had a longer spin time, and fingerspins were almost effortless

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Oh, really? I might have to try that. I like the Echo 2, but it lacks something that I can’t identify… perhaps it’s the rim weight

How about the total weight before and after weight rings?

The weight rings weigh right around 10g.


yeah, 5g each.

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Do you guys sell them?
I can’t find them.

Actually it looks like we are out right now. Not sure if/when Duncan will make more, try contacting them for anymore info.

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Do u guys recommend those rings w Torque
PS: im playing 3a so …
Should it be recommended for me to add those rings?