Strix or Echo 2?

i need to buy a new yoyo beacause my last yoyo is broken
what do you think is better echo 2 or strix?

Would check out the YoyoOfficer Imp as well

Go with the Strix. I’ve loved it since I got it and think you will to. One point if advice is to get the Duncan replacement pads as CBC pads seem a bit too thick when I tried putting them in. This might go for the Echo2 as well.

everyone who voted for strix tried echo 2 too?

What narrows u down to those choices ?

I actually tried the Echo 2 and Strix. They are both awesome.

The Echo 2 feels like the perfect competition yoyo, while the Strix fits my preference better

I they will be smoth stable and fun

there’s just a lot of other choices you could consider.

There is a lot of choices, but I would say strix and echo 2 are the best bang for the buck because they both have kk bearing preinstalled and both play on par with the Sbutter with a center trac. If you a floaty player who go with the flow, go with the strix. If you want a fast soild throw, go with the Echo 2. They both also can finger spin.

There’s other good yoyos for the price such as the myy n12 and t5.

There are plenty of budget options.

There is, but I still think strix and echo 2 come on top in the around 50 dollar area. Shutter would be another great option with a new bearing.

i own a shutter…he is broken but i liked him
what do you think is better for me if i had i shutter?

I think the strix then. ;D

I found a Strix for $45 dollars somewhere.

orrr n12 lol

im buying it for 42$ ;D

^Even better. Hope you enjoy!