Thoughts on a Onedrop X YYF collab?

(The Yo mast3r) #1

Given the recent collab between CLYW & YYF, what do Ya guys think about a OD X YYF collab?


If it was machined in the US, is a bimetal, and use side effects, sure :wink:

(The Yo mast3r) #3

Anyone else like this idea?

(Amplified) #4

Not really


Me neither, not sure what One Drop has to benefit from it ???


I would advise against such a move based solely on my dislike of the factory.


…then, it would be a One Drop!



Wait a minute Db, your right!


Budget Bimetals?
I know it wouldn’t be cheap, but let me dream

(yoyobro!) #10

I would like to see it, might not buy it though! :wink:


I don’t really care about collaborations.


Don’t see how it would benefit either side.


Darn, you got me :wink: wanting a one drop bimetal :slight_smile:


You never know, it could happen! :wink:


(Amplified) #15

Not sure if the fit is right either


I am going to go out on a limb and say it will never happen.

I have a better shot of getting a big hug from Ben at Worlds this year.


You are not venturing too far out on that limb.


So tempted…tree picture, saintrobyn? :smiley:



One Drop and YYF are going to do a Co-lab.

The same year Ford and Chevy do a Co-lab


Ford and GM already do a collab on transmissions…