This shouldn't be too hard to accomplish...I think.

So I’m wanting to get into offstring, and I started trying to look around all the offstrings offered here on YYE. I noticed that there isn’t a way to look at yoyos by category. I know a 3a category might not be useful, since people generally buy a matching pair of whatever they want. And I think with 5a people are generally buying a 1a yoyo and just adding a counterweight (not sure as I don’t play either of those styles).

Back to my point though, it would be very helpful for people who don’t know the yoyo industry like the back of our hands to be able to choose between categories such as:

  • Unresponsive (1a, 3a, and 5a)
  • Responsive (2a)
  • Offstring (4a)

Not sure how much HTML coding would be involved, but I wonder if this is an attainable hope?


Totally Agree!

It is already in the works - When we revamp the shopping cart we plan to add that option as well!


Glad to hear his change is coming to the site. It may be slightly trivial, but it will be a huge time saver.