I think that the shop should also have a style of play category too, such as 1a 2a 3a 4a and 5a.

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Generally speaking that would clog up the forum a bit too much.
General Yo-yo Category already covers it IMO.

I don’t think the forum should, but for the shop, yes. Granted, many yoyos fit into more than one category or CAN, which is fine. However, really, all that is needed are 3 categories: offstring, looping, wing. I think that would be sufficient.

The shop should however, sort by price. There are other stores that do that and to be honest, I like it very much.

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It does, but within brand, not globally. It’s one of the sort options. Not perfect, but not bad.

I think that the shop should be sorted by price and having categories are both great ideas.