Which category?

I’m about to begin yo-yoing in a more serious way now that i decided (I had a Yomega Fireball, learnt basic tricks and basic loops) I’m in kind of a problem since from what i’ve seen there are so many yo-yo categories, I’m not sure if i like string tricks better than looping… the most advanced string trick i’ve done is the Double or nothing and in looping the most advanced is Shoot the Moon. I’ve also seen there are offstring yo-yo and counter measures. All look super interesting but im not Rothschild.
From what i’ve seen the most common and popular category is 1A, and i’m having a hard time understanding why, i agree there are some mindblowing stuff but by example i’ve seen 3A (IRL) and it’s just insane, aswell with the other categories…
I need the people that understand here to take me under their wings and guide me… :wink:

spend a little time and money and pick up one of everything… a 1a yoyo can be used for 5a and also for offstring if your really daring, then loopers just do what loopers do.

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Well, in my opinion, you should start doing string tricks. It seems to me that there are basics in that style that are important no matter where you go next. I can’t stand looping myself because my left hand just can not do that motion. 3A also runs into a similar problem, but I can do a couple of tricks in that style. Offstring is fun, but hard right off the bat. I don’t know how it might be if you get a Skyhawk, Big Yo, or something of the sort, because I have a Yomega Xodus II and it really small, heavy, and narrow for offstring. The fifth style, 5A, is with a counterweight on the string, and I love that style to death. I find I can do it more naturally than 1A. With counterweight, it almost seems to me that if you can’t get a hang of it while learning basic tricks, you won’t be able to do the harder ones later on. Back to the 1A style (string tricks), I suggest learning through YYE’s tutorials for string tricks, then move on to whatever style you want from there.

So, what you need to have for each style other than 1A:

2A (Looping): You need to be able to use your left hand. When my little brother (who can use both hands decently) tries this style, he starts by doing loops or another similar trick in his right hand and then his left before trying to do it at the same time. This way, you can just get the feel, and then not have to try to think about both moving objects at once. Trust me, I do 5A, and it’s hard.
3A: Again, you need to be able to use your left hand and be able to do string tricks with it. This, in my opinion, is the hardest style
4A (Offstring): This style is really hard to even start doing because you have to hit the string consistently without dropping. But, once you learn the basics, it’s actually a really fun style.
5A (Counterweight): This style is pretty hard because of the whole “two flying objects” thing. I also find with this style, you just have to be daring and sometimes just let the yoyo and counterweight do the work. There is a lot more technical stuff that goes into 5A than it looks.

That is my input on your situation and anyone else’s who has a similar problem. I hope I helped with my lengthy post. Good luck.

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As i said before all the yo-yo categories look amazing, i just don’t understand why most people that yo-yo are always heading towards 1A, 1A is amazing but IMO no offense, the tricks are a bit repetitive, im looking forwards to 4A and 5A,stupid idea but i can with my basic duncan butterfly yoyo try to get it off from the yoyo? as for 5A, i have no idea how…

1A is the basic style and most popular. That is why everyone goes to it. More people enjoy watching that style as well.

4A, I would suggest getting a Skyhawk or BigYo as mentioned before.
5A, I would suggest getting either a Duncan Metal Drifter or a YYJ Freehand. They come with counterweights and are suited for the beginner counterweight player.

I really appreciate your help man, sorry for driving you insane…
i just so freaking confused… i just need to choose 1 freaking category so i can buy a yo-yo for that… This is driving me insane…

To be honest, I think people like 1a the most because it’s really easy.

I think I’d die if I tried 5a. Imagining how much I mess up on learning tricks with 1a, imagine how many times you’d be dropping your yoyo doing 5a then having to pick it up and rewind it again and again.

You are not driving me insane at all. You are just confused and frustrated, that’s all. I know how you feel, bro. I went through a similar problem.

1a is the most popular style because it is by far the easiest style and is generally the gateway style of yoyoing as a result of that. 1a is the base of all other styles excluding 2a. To go into 3a-5a it’s best to start with 1a because essentially, 3a-5a is 1a, but with an extra twist that makes them more difficult.

You said you stated 3a looked really cool and you aren’t sure why more people don’t do it. 3a is considered by most the most difficult style because it’s kind of like 1a, but with 2 yoyos, with 2 hands, one of which is your non-dominant hand. 1a in itself is already difficult, having to do it with your non-dominant hand as well as your dominant hand, and keeping track of both of them at the same time is extremely difficult.

With that said, I highly suggest starting with 1a because, as I’ve said, it’s pretty much the gateway style into yoyoing and ultimately, into other styles

thanks for everyone’s help, apparently im going to try to get a better yo-yo to learn 1a.
I am bit less confused now thanks to you guys :slight_smile:
I just felt that all the other categories and much better because they are more unique, like if a yo-yoer asks you what style you yoyo probably he’ll say 1A right? but if you’ll till 4A or 5a or any other style he’ll just go insane… Apparently ill just have to get used to the fact that other peoples opinion isn’t the reason why i should yo-yo that specific style

Sorry for no quotes i wrote this from my phone

If I were you just experiment answer what you like! Almost all yoyoers go through it! I have gone through almost all the main styles of Yoyo play except 4a, which I have been meaning to try. Almost all yoyoers gravitate to a different style or find the tend to like one more so just experiment!

hello I want to budget yoyo
I need your help
I want to buy shutter or horizon
I dont which one is better
please help me ???

Shutter, but that’s just my opinion.

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zorro can you say?
becouse that the first time i want buy a yoyo factory and i want buy a good one

both are good if you like solid yoyos. There are both pretty good at finger spins if those are your think. However, if i were to pick i think the horizon is better because its smoother than the shutter but, the shutter is full sized which more people tend to like.

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hey guys I dont want to play realy fast but im not bad
i like the slack trick and horizontal
slack trick for example color9 or grandiloquent
with this informaition with one is better
and what do you think about yomega glide?

then a horizon is probably your best option cause it’s great for horizontal.

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Well, the Shutter is really good for almost anything you can throw at it, especially grinds and long spins. The Horizon is larger in size. I prefer the Shutter myself though. It’s all preference. You could always just save your money and get both.

If you want more than one person’s advice, you can always start another thread.