This particular trick by Black?

I’ve always wanted to know what the name of this one trick Black is known for. It involves getting the yoyo side to side and it’s hard to explain. I’ll let these 2 videos speak for itself.
Besides for the name, I also want to learn HOW to do that trick. It’s visual appealing and it’s great.

Around 0:47 [done by Mickey]

Around 7:45 [done by Black himself]

The weird slack Eli hop thing?

I think he means when the yoyos goes left and right

He’s just throwing it all the way out to the end of the string, and with enough momentum and timing, he’s pulling it the opposite way, then back again.

I’m not saying it’s easy to accomplish necessarily (never tried!) but the theory of it is about as simple as it gets.

where a motorcycle helmet when trying safety first

When I try pulling it from side to side it just stops midair and I don’t get as much momentum as I’d like…