this may be a very under rated throw.

Hey I used to throw around in high school and I just got back into it recently. I purchased a summit which reminds me exactly of the floaty type feel, some clyw provide. But the reason I made this was for the ilyy nile! This thing Is simply wonderful. Solid goes exactly where I want it to, Long play time, And smooth finish. Overall A++, I got back all my tricks and even s few new ones quite easily.

I gotta say the Omnicron X is extremely underrated as well.

Thats a 3yo3 right? I used to have a Capella I just think 3yo3 is inderrated in general. The bassline is soliddd

Honestly I think the Omnicrom X plays like a brick. It’s simply too heavy and has a very square shape. It’s not completely awful though. Just not great.

So, is this an advertisement?

…Or, is this thread about something? :-\

Too many of these “threads” popping up here. Is it just me; or do many of these seem like clumsy social-media marketing attempts?

By who?

Anyone trying to promote yo-yo’s.

Noob A: "Oh boy, I just can’t decide on whether to get slow-selling yoyo A from manufacturer X; or the new, even slower-selling yoyo B from manufacturer X?

Noob B: "Yeah, I have A, it is just the bomb! I was also looking at B; it sure looks sweet too. I heard it is amazing!


Does ILYY even exist anymore?

Or to trying create buzz for a current or potential BST thread.

The nile and prestige look 95% the same that saying i love the prestige and collect ilyys, niles just dont go on bst that often :/, if they do i would be interwsted though

He’s just sharing excitement about getting a new yoyo. Haven’t’ we all felt like that at one point when we get a new throw?

It’s not an advertisement… I was just really stoked on how well it played and I wanted to tell other People who also throw? There’s nit always an alterior motive lol I have a bst going right now… but I always have my collection up for trade to see what others will offer. You never know. You can always turn down an offer. I’m not trying to create buzz. Just sharing… I would love a wasabi though lol