this is why he's my favorite


This one video alone made Guy Wright my absolute favorie 1a

i just cant stop watching it


Um, great! But you can post that in this thread:

So you don’t have to waste the topics in the “yoyo video” section.  :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

(SR) #3

I can’t stop watching it either… it’s my favorite player, in my favorite video.


wait i dont get it
its a yoyo video and its in the yoyo video section

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You are right, but this thread (,6447.0.html) was made for things like this.


I really liked this video when it first came out on Boxthor’s channel, but it got old for me.

Its a good video and all, but I watched the music video for the song, and was creeeeped out.

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great look what youi did!!! now i’m a fan og Guy Wright!!! lol
loved the vid and he seems to like slacks i liked the combo starting at :40-:46


I know I already posted in this thread, but I have to again.

You are right, but this section (,5.0.html) was made for things like this.