This is crazzzyyy! AMAZING YOYODAY DEAL!

Sounds like I slept on(literally😅) on quite the deal😂


Stop the madness :face_with_peeking_eye:

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My order got cancelled. Guess it WAS an error…. That’s 2 years running my YoYo day order was cancelled.


Get ready for a ‘our bad’ coupon (at best) that won’t work on the site either :laughing:

My biggest annoyance with the whole sale was add to cart and showing it in stock and then getting errors of out of stock.


Yes same here, but I’m not annoyed. I couldn’t stop thinking about the loss that Duncan would be taking, so I’m glad it was caught. It’s unfortunate though that they had this error.


The YOYODAY coupon still works (you need to write it in all caps), and I just reordered the Yoshicuda X and GTR. Those are the two I wanted most. 30% off and I still got free shipping to Canada, so that was still a good deal.


Am I the only one that found it quite icky how many of our community members attempted to basically rob Duncan due to a coupon error? I was looking at the price breakdowns you all posted and could pretty easily tell that the cost was getting potentially lower than what Duncan paid the machine shop to produce. Not even a liquidation sale of discontinued product would dip costs down that low.

I feel as though we should be the ones trying to support the companies that drive our shared hobby, not rob them…


Nope. I was right there with ya.


All I did was follow the link in the email they sent me and type in the code that they provided. My discount would have been approx. 70% which was just 10% more than than the 60% they were advertising. Legit thought it was just the promo. Their system is the problem every year.


There’s no need to go after or assign intent to anyone here. Site mistakes do happen but either it was an on purpose easter egg sale or a larger mistake that would obviously be cancelled.

Can’t fault anyone that made an order, nor is it any one person’s assumed knowledge or responsibility to know why a cost is what it is (on the last hours of a sale) except to assume the risk an order would be cancelled.

I ran three tests across different clean browsers and OS/mobiles and only followed the link on the Duncan home page and all coupons were applied automatically.

Anyone putting in an order around that time is likely to have encountered this.


Haha. Maybe they’ll invest some of that yoyo day money into some website management and user experience like every other company does.


Mine got canceled too, figured it would, but worth a shot lol


If it’s too good to be true it probably is an error.


It certainly got people talking about Duncan. A lot of nice yo-yos over the past few years, I have an Orbital GTX and a Grasshopper GTX, both are fun. I also like the Roadrunner, cheap enough to put in your pocket and not worry about key scratches or scuffs. Plays light and nimble.


You’re correct in your assessment that by applying automatically it can take away fault from the consumer, but I relate many things akin to a neighborly perspective. If my next door neighbor had a garage sale, and accidentally tagged a $100 item for $10 (and its obvious that it should be $100) i would NOT drop a tenner and run off with it.

By the nature of this situation, the excited consumers that didn’t know better are not at fault by any means, but the fact that a exploit was put on display here as opposed to taking a “hey guys this looks wrong” approach just feels a little dirty.

Happy cake day btw :blush:


I think the most AMAZING thing about this entire thread: more amazing than the sale…… more amazing than the discount codes(legit or accidental)…. More amazing than people discussing what Duncan would do once they realized the big screw-up>>>

The most AMAZING thing is that(knowing full well) it is a basic Forum rule that giving links to other yo-yo stores or discussing purchases made at other stores is ‘forbidden’.

And yet, no regard or hesitation in side stepping the Forum policy. Just freely discussing a possible windfall and/or glitch at another Yo-yo sire, posting up itemized purchase order pages, etc.

This is a benchmark example of why Andre Boulay is hands down the nicest guy on the yo-yoing Planet known as Earth.

People constantly using Yoyoexpert Forum to announce their New Upcoming yo-yo Company with zero intentions of cutting Andre in on any of their product sales, people posting up links, not to other stores, but their Facebook/Instagram or whatever other ways people interested in new products, to get more information on upcoming product and release information.

Andre, letting people ‘ride’ threads discussing yo-yo products not sold through YYE. But posting up ‘drop dates’ etc.

There is an old saying, ‘Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness’.

Andre is not weak in any sense of the word. It is a common understanding to humans with active brains that taking advantage of a persons’ kindness is insulting the intelligence of both.

Andre Loves yo-yos. And he goes out of his way to perpetuate playing and interest in yo-yos and other skill toys. He doesn’t aggressively enforce Forum rules because no doubt he feels a more open discussion helps keep interest and flow to the daily conversation. He does not want to ‘stunt’ the growth of yo-yos by censoring anything and everything.

But, over time(and I’ve been here since there was a here) people have just decided rules are for other people. Some individuals have seen the magical advantage to launch or advertise their own ‘enterprise’ or discussing others enterprises on the Worldwide Billboard known as Yoyoexpert Forum.

No respect for Andre…… and taking advantage of his good nature… that…‘that’ is the most Amazing thing…


I agree to a point, but a lot of those little companies get bigger. And when they get bigger they get added to YYE site like Mk1 spinworthy and ZGRT etc… but i agree when its an established company just dropping updates…


I think everyone’s going to be ok.


Anyone have a flashlight? I can’t see anything in this shade. [hangs head in shame for just reading this thread]


This is exactly what I did too. I thought it was simply just the promo they were running - and who knows, it could’ve been! Couldn’t agree more with what you said @TheThrowingGnome.

As for anyone else assuming any malicious intent or lack of character or whatever, when we were simply following directions given in an email from the manufacturer themselves - that is absolutely comical. Additionally, I’d like to point out Duncan is undoubtedly the largest yoyo manufacturer on the planet, and I would not doubt for a second that their cost per unit, regardless of regular retail price is in the low double or even single digits. So I did not even have to wonder if they could legitimately sell it for that cost. That, coupled with all the issues last year regarding horrendous logistical management and poor customer service, would make you think this was simply making up for those issues at the very least. If it was truly an error, they should’ve learned their lesson after last year and extensively test this system before running their biggest promo of the year. And at the end of the day, I now have the opportunity to try some Duncan throws I otherwise wouldn’t have purchased. And I can spread the love and bring them to DXL for more people to try and buy. Their stock price in my mind shot up way more after this - I’m actually a Duncan fan! And that’s something I never thought I’d say exactly a year ago. :man_shrugging: