this is a STEAL! Take all for 110$ or vape equipment

Will only sell as lot for paypal

Whats up for grabs you may ask? Well heres a list:
Duncan strix–one of my favorite throws, it shows because it has a lot of scuffs but is smooth as butter. Bought for 50$

Yoyozeekio prism–has some sort of gunk on edges of it–sure i could get it off with time-little vibe

Magicyoyos t5 and t8- t8 is mint and t5 is um… Beat

Onedrop gradient-sanded down -pretty smooth- looks like trash but overall my 3rd favorite throw

Yyf horizon- lots of love marks- haha i enjoyed this thing so much

Yyf 888X- mint smooth as butter- silver beauty

Onedrop vanguard- black as night- mint and smooth- a balanced heavy throw just isnt my type

Fhz light up- fun to play with at night- mint nuff said

Set of two dark magic IIs one set up responsive one unresponsive- no side caps but still fun throws- will replace one with another throw if unwanted

Will bundle with string but you pay shipping. US ONLY!!!

Thanks for looking at my post :slight_smile: pm me for offers

PS: 11 throws for 110$