FS: CLYW's, OD, and YYJ Dark magic

Hey everyone! Unfrotuanlty for me I need to downsize my collection. Multiple throws for sale. Shipping is $5 flat whether you buy one or multiple. All throws have the boxes. Always willing to take an offer on combos or any throw. Just ask. I do have videos of the throws if I mentioned there is vibe, feel free to ask.

YYJ Dark Magic II $25 (sold)
Comes with box, has very slight scratching and nicks on the rims. Plays good. The original bearing I received from the previous owner plays kinda responsive so I can throw in a YYF center tack if needed.

CLYW Fools Gold Arctic Circle $30 (sold)
Has a few tiny chips in paint. Plays good and is fun to mess around with. Very slight vibe with this one.

CLYW Fools Gold Sasquatch $30( sold)
Scratches and nicks are shown. Still plays good. Has a little vibe

CLYW Dune $25
This was very well-loved. It has a ton of scratches from the previous owner and when I used it. Has a vibe. Ask me. Still plays like a champ.

OD Prescription $45(sold)
Great condition. Played it a little and really wasn’t my kind of throw. Has a tiny paint dimple from the factory. See the photo. Plays great!

@quinton DM2

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Telling me I don’t have access to view your photos


I had the same issue.

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Sorry my computer was derping on me with the site so I tried using drive and it made it worse :sweat_smile: I uploaded the photos back on my phone so it works lol


Pm sent on arctic circle I will take it

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I might be able to make an offer on the YYJ Dark magic in September, If you can hold on to it i might make an offer

Or if you are willing to take 16 bucks for the dark magic I can buy it in july (Maybe)

I’ll purchase the Dark Magic. PM me

sorry just sold

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