*PRICE DROP!* FS: GLOW DieNasty, Frantic, and Buddha Kind Light! LF: $$$


All of these throws are for SALE I am really only looking for any $$$ right now but if you think you have something good for trade you can offer that too. Now to the throws…

One Drop Y Factor 30$This yoyo has a clear coat anodize on it which gives it a nice silver look. It has some rim nicks which i polished up a bit so they are smooth now. This thing plays great.

YYF DieNasty (glow) 15$
Has a small amount of rim damage that isn’t visible due to the lemon yellow color. Still plays like you would expect from a DieNasty. Its a great 5a yoyo!

YYF Frantic 25$
Picked this up in Chico a few years ago. Its a fun undersized throw that you can just play around with. It has pretty significant vibe and some rim damage but for the most part all the nicks are smooth. Has a cool navy blue and gold splash pattern on it with frantic engraved on the inside.

YYF G5 25$Clear coat anodize with some rim damage. It has some wobble vibe which is less noticeable on a throw. I think its due to a bent axle so a new one would fix that problem right up! hubstacks are included with it.

YYJ Dark Magic (first edition) 20$This is a black original dark magic. The rims were pretty beat up so I polished them up and made it a bit better. Still plays really well like you would expect from a dark magic.

YYF Buddha King Light 40$ or best offer!
This thing spins forever! dead smooth on a spin and it has a ton of power behind it. Has one tiny rim nick that doesn’t affect play at all.




The picture’s link doesnt work ???


Same here


Sorry guys. I forgot to make it public ;D FIXED!

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i would really like to trade a yyj unleashed for your yyf buddha king light, i also would throw in a couple of strings and some thin lube


Asking prices and labels on the pictures would be great.


Just for trade, and i will label the pictures now…


interested in Die-nasty. :smiley:


BUMP. Please keep offers to PMs… thanks! =)


how bout a pgm red/green for either the die nasty or yfactor


Pm’d you



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