CLYW, C3, One-Drop, ETC. For sale, Everything must go!

Whats up guys? I have a lot of throws I’m looking to get rid of, all good throws, good condition, but i need cash. Please do not offer plastics or beaters. I’m really looking for good mint or close to mint throws or cash, thank you.


DEADLY SpINS- Wrath Prototype, not yet released, black, minimal damage, awesome throw.

CLYW- Wooly Marmot silver with clear and purple splash, minimal damage, dead smooth.
Sasquatch light blue with brownish orange speckle (reverse team edition) has dings, stills plays great.

One-Drop- Code-2 burning ember edition, has one small mark, plays amazing, extra side effects if interested.
Y-Factor blue, completely beat. vibe. good if you wanna mess around or practice 5A

C3- Dark sonic purple bead blasted beat up.
Dark Sonic green polished purchased at worlds, mint B-grade, plays awesome.
Master galaxy purple polished purchased at worlds one small ding B-grade, plays awesome.

YoYo Jam Inspire, black, one flat spot, polished rims, awesome yoyo, smoothest plastic ever!

Magic Yo N8 mint condition, plays amazing, super smooth.

      If possible contact me by text message, it will be much faster, if not i will respond asap. thank you, my number is 631-902-7032. Also if you are interested in any of my throws please contact in regards to pictures, more information, pricing, etc. thank you.

How much for both CLYW’s?

only sas for sale and its 90