Here it is - my third tutorial! I hope you enjoy!

Feedback PLEASE!

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BTW, as you might have noticed, for the past three Wednesdays (including this one), I have posted a new tutorial for an original trick. Well, I regret to annouce that I might be taking a break from this pattern for a week or two for a special reason (which you will see in a future video if this break happens!). I will post later to confirm or unconfirm this break.

pretty nice, just learned it! pretty simple one but still pretty awesome! keep them coming^^learned 2 of your tricks so far

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Your tricks. They are so good.

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Yeah, this one was kind of simple, but I am super glad that you liked it!

I want to post at least three more. After that, I will be out of good, original material, LOL. Hopefully I will be able to come up with more decent tricks though! And BTW, I am still not TOTALLY sure about that break I was talking about, but it will probably happen (sorry!). I should be able to officially confirm (or unconfirm) it within a couple days.


Like, seriously, you give me such a confidence boost. I am so glad that you liked it! I can’t believe that an eXpert of Forums (as he put it, LOL) likes MY tricks! LOL.

I can’t get the video to work. Is it just me?

Workin’ over here. At my home computer, too.

I’ve already got 40 views in less than 2 days! Thanks guys! Let’s see if we can get 50 before the 48 hour mark (which is around 6:30 tonight)!

BTW, more feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Woah…I’ve got 51 views now…it just said like 30 minutes ago that I only had 40…did I seriously get that many views that quickly? I am guessing that the view count hadn’t been updated…or something like that…but…


Thanks you SO much guys for over FIFTY views in less than TWO days! I got to fifty with this tutorial much faster than with the Indiana Jones one.


I watched it twice today to try to make sure I was doing it all right. That may have effected it.

But 11 views in like 30 minutes still baffles me…LOL. The view count must have not been updated. But yeah, those two views definitely helped, every view does! LOL. Thanks!

BTW guys, that break that I was talking about WILL HAPPEN. Sorry! But the special reason will be revealed by the end of the month with a video!

I’ve hit a wall here…still 51 views! Let’s keep that number growing folks!

I take this back…I have (once again) spoken before the view count updated. It was actually like in the sixties, LOL. Sorry about that…

But anyway, now I’ve got SEVENTY views on this tutorial! Let’s go for ONE HUNDRED!


I am getting close to 100 views! Unless YT hasn’t updated the view count and I have more than it says I do (which seems to happen to me a lot, LOL), I have only 23 more views to go! And BTW, just in case you don’t know, I stop bumping a thread on an individual tutorial once it reaches 100 views. I hope that the bumping hasn’t been annoying…

Oh, and sorry, but I haven’t/won’t be posting a new tutorial today. But I will have a special video next Wednesday, so SUBSCRIBE! The Wednesday after that will be the day that I post my next tutorial.

Speaking if subscribers, I have 16! Let’s go for 20!

Thanks for the support!





I just checked my views. The Warp Pipe tutorial has…


Previously it had said 77. It almost DOUBLED when I refreshed it! Why do I always post about views right before YT updates them?!?

But anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! This is the most recently posted tutorial, and it is the most viewed one! crazy!

And you know what this means. I quit bumping is thread. Now the only thread that I bump is the one about YT channel in general in the videos section!

Thanks again for the support!