Here is my fifth tutorial! I hope you guys enjoy it! This one is an original 3D trick.

I would really like some FEEDBACK!

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P.S. Yes, I know that the camera was tilted too far downward, but of course, I realized this after I finished taping and had broken down my set up. Sorry about that! I hope that it doesn’t take away to much from the tutorial. I will make sure that that doesn’t happen next time.

EDIT: Wow, now that the thumbnail is besides the thumbnails of my other tutorials, I realized that for some reason, it wasn’t as bright as usual…geez, hopefully the trick can make up for these goofs.

EDIT TWO: So today (Nov. 30), I tried to fix the problem with the tutorial being dark and all, and I discovered the “Auto-fix” option in the “Enhancements” section. It helped the looks of the video a lot! It isn’t perfect, but it is still much improved.

That trick is great! Something to work on… Thanks!

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nice, gonna learn it for sure

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Great trick. Gotta figure it out now. :smiley:

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Thank you and you are totally welcome! LOL.


Was it too hard to understand?



Going to learn this one. Thanks :smiley:

Awesome! You are welcome. LOL.

Only 11 views away from 100 now! (At 100 views I will quit bumping this thread as usual.)

Make that seven!

My goal of 100 views on this tutorial has been achieved! I will now stop bumping this thread like usual.