Thinking Critically

“How do they get so good!?” I asked myself when watching contest videos.

That’s when it hit me.

Critical Thinking

It was just so simple!

That’s right, kids. You can become as good as André if you just think.

Take it like this:

If you just learn tricks and recite them, it makes you no smarter than a baby learning English. You need to think critically. Outside the box. Creatively.

Instead of trying to master Spirit Bomb, make up your own Wrist Mount trick. I assure you it will look just as impressive.

You can come up with your own tricks and combos just by thinking. With a couple of basic Mounts (Trapeze, Double or Nothing, etc.) and 15 minutes of experimenting, you have a new trick.

Not very creative? Try looking at a yo-yo video (Not a tutorial) and try to mimic what the performer does just by looking. No slow-mo or anything. It really stimulates your brain and makes you smarter at yo-yoing and problem solving.

Follow these tips and impress yourself and your friends!


so hard, the performer do crazy speedy , I can’t figure out what happens when the yoyo hit string with such frequency. I yo-yoing about two years and recently got used to grab the element in those contest video. I think people should learn about a year basic element then they can have their creation.

interesting theory.

What I’ve been trying to do is to watch as many tuts as i can find and learn the tricks so I’m exposed to as many trick elements as possible, then I watch videos and try to incorporate the elements I know to make a trick similar to the people on the video.
some times it works, sometimes it doesn’t

Thank you for this advice, I’m not that good so usually I just learn as many tricks as I can from tutorials, and never thought I could creat such awsome tricks that I see people do, and after I read this I tried it out and made up a in my opinion awsome wrist mount trick :slight_smile:

i also find it helpfull to just do random things. just try landing on different strings, get knouts, try again, but this time, try to get out of it in another way than you got in! also just put together different elements from different tricks you’ve learnt/made and get a cool combo. if you do various yoyoing instead of just what you like the most, you’ll learn different things and you can make it to your own :slight_smile: