think there will ever be kendama tricks added to the learn section?

Seems like the next logical step

If there is time to get a list of tricks(easy to do) and then a demonstrator(odds are Andre has learned to do most of them, I’ve seen his kendama skills, the dude is natural with skill toys), it’s possible.

The odds are that most likely some ringer will be brought in to help make the demonstration part go better/easier. If they do this like they did the Ben Conde 4A videos(which weren’t bad considering the time constraints and volume produced in such a short time), I think they could get most of the trick ladder stuff covered.

I think the hardest videos, or rather the longest, would be videos such as kendama basics(how to hold/holds/grips, how to string, proper string length if you’re into by the rules stuff, body movement)) and “differences between kendamas” if they choose to do one like that. I also think a set of tutorial videos would be very well received.

What would also be cool is to also make one for spin tops too, as that’s an area really lacking. I am struggling with spin tops so I’ve stopped and put them down for a while. I have a Sophia that I try to use. Honestly, I feel that if you’re gonna get serious into spin tops, buying a quality one is the way to start.

With Kendama and yoyo, you have more options for starting.

Tons of kendama tutorials on YouTube, and fewer tricks anyway, at least for the moment. The obvious next step is to re-do the yoyo tutorials in better quality, with better angles and explanations, and mainly add more tricks.

really seems like a good idea!

YYE would need some good kendama player to help out.

Perhaps like what they did for offstring with Conde or mobious with Zammy?

Or a collar with a dama site.

I definitely agree with that, it would be amazing to see some new vids from Andre