Any good tutorial video channels?

Does anyone know of any good youtube channels for learning tricks?

expertvilliage has the exact ones that are on yye, with Andre and everything.
And yotricks, which I haven’t found all that helpful, but hey- you might! :slight_smile:

This is in the kendama section. The OP is looking for kendama tutorial channels, I’m guessing.

I would assume you are asking about kendama tutorials… and if that is the case, I like the ones on the sweets kendamas page the best. Also you might find the forum on helpful.


I think Kendalex might have some tutorials, not sure though.

Kendama tricks have a different way of being learned though, and that is: 20 shots of espresso, a week with nothing planned, and a cave. You really have to just keep on getting at it to finally land them is what I’m sayin’, learning what to do isn’t hard at all, tips can be nice, but mainly it’s the time you put into it.

I agree completely. I think that’s why I am enjoying the kendama so much. I am not a “natural” with skill toys, but I am willing to put in the time and effort. I have seen much better results with practicing my kendama tricks than I typically do with my yoyos.

Thanks for the link!

Sweets on YouTube have tutorials and tips.