Tricks, vids, tutorial stickies

Just out of curiosity I decided to check out this section and don’t see any trick explanation threads or video tutorials etc… Or stickies for those interested in seeing what all the Kendama stuff is about.

Am I just not looking hard enough? I looked at a couple threads that had vids but didnt really know if anything I saw was complicated, freestyle, etc…

Just curious is all.

Some of the earlier posts ask about what kendama is, where to look for tutorials, and about tips on certain tricks. Yeah there are no stickies, but this information should not be too difficult to find (you’ll probably might not find the information here on Yo-Yo Expert but there are also other places you can go to find it), plus you can always come here and ask, most of us should be happy to answer. Here is a link that you can use to find what kendama is and a link to a youtube channel playlist that will show you tutorials about the basics:

Once again, if anyone has any questions all they need to do is ask and they should be able to receive an answer. :wink:

Can’t wait to start trying Kendama… Picked up a Sweets aTack today!!