Think Outside The Treehouse

Just a fun video!

Nice one, man.

I like your style; you’ve got a pretty strong flow, and your trick and combo choice seems pretty suited to your mood and your approach, so kudos for that one.

From a film-making perspective, I’d consider letting your tricks speak for themselves. Windows Movie Maker transitions were really cool in like 2001, but the page turn thing etc. is kind of overplayed at this point. Just let your tricks be powerful, and that’ll be enough to impress.

Your actual yoyoing, which is the thing that matters in a video, is solid. Keep coming, I can see you coming up with some groovy stuff in the near future. Way to go.

Thanks for the tips! I was just messing around haha… Next time will be fine… I’m pretty new to this so… Yeah… I had weird transitions because I had to restart the whole thing…

Great video. You have such a nice flow with your tricks. :slight_smile:


Lovin the flow man!




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Last bumpppp :-\

Nice! Your flow is so nice!

Thanks bro! It means a lot!

Sweet video man!

Thanks! The compliments are appreciated!

Bump for ma buddy!

I liked the cat… and i guess the yoyo tricks were nifty. You should show more of your cat though. :smiley:

Haha… I only put the cat in because someone told me to… Haha! Thanks!