Code 2

I had NO idea I was this good!


Kinda looks scary when you stare into the camera haha.

Thanks! And I didn’t mean to scare you! Lol


Smooth moves bro:)



looks really cool will! just a suggestion: make a video for your N9.

Is that some nickel?

Great stuff!

Thanks! And no it is Wasteland Edition splash.

ears perk up

Ooooh I see some promise in you!
You have good control and clear understanding of a yoyo’s natural motion. I see really nice flow and definite movement into original concepts.

In the future, maybe take a bit more time on developing a video. Cutting out mistakes, and doing more than one long take. Even if you land all your stuff on one take, having cuts between tricks emphasizes each trick as its own and creates more of a showcase of each of them rather than a whole set.
Throw in some music, maybe different camera angles, and you got something really nice.

I will definitely be looking out for you, I see a big future in your trick development for sure!

Keep it up!



Thanks you! :smiley: I don’t know how to put and edit videos though. I’m pretty new to the whole “video thing”