Things to NOT do with your yoyos list

1: do not hydrate your yoyos with water, as they do not get thirsty very much. The yoyos need to be dry in order to work well. You can give your yoyos a small drink of yoyo bearing lube in thr bearing. ONLY a tiny tiny drop though!
2: do not share your yoyos with others. Sharing is not caring for yourself when it comes to yoyos. Think of it this way: you just poisoned your water for an experiment! Would you share it with your baby brother looking for a drink? I hope not. Unless your baby brother has become imune to the poison, i suggest nit giving the water to him, just as it goes for your yoyos!
3: do not damage your yoyos on purpose. Alright guys, we get it, you like your yoyos very vibey because you think that u can feel the yoyo better. Well maybe you can, but i like my yoyos thr classic smooth way. It makes the yoyo less ugly and feel better.

Classic smooth lol. Back in my day all yo-yos had vibe and we didn’t know what “glass” smooth was (cause it didn’t exist)

Also sharing is caring. Every yoyo meet I’ve ever been to yo-yos are shared and played with. That’s how the community is. We all cool yo.

YoYo’s dont “like” water but if you dry them good they can be in water for a bit and not be impacted negatively


Now for things not to do with your YoYo things I’ve said to my toddler edition:

Do not eat the YoYo. It’s harder than your teeth and it will chip a tooth…

Do not swing the YoYo like a medieval flail. It can and will hurt someone including yourself.

Please do not slam the YoYo directly into the concrete. It makes dada sad.

Stop hitting your sister with the YoYo….


Whatever you do DONT put a string on it. It’s just asking for attention.


Don’t feed them to dogs, it’ll injure them and may result in death. That’s why it’s better to feed your yo-yos to your little siblings.

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Eh, they deserved it anyways