@theycallmecotton positive sale feedback

Couldn’t find one for him from the basic search if there was one from him (mods feel free to move as needed)!

Sold me a goji yoyo and was the exact condition he mentioned (fantastic condition and now fav organic)
Great guy to talk with and buy from, man of his word and smooth transaction.


Just completed awesome deal with ChrisCotton…… no issues & fast fast fast!
Thanks C…………….A+

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Had a smooth transaction with cotton too great communication and yoyo was perfect

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This guy went above and beyond in packaging and add ons. Amazed by how generous Cotton was.

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Yall are toooo nice! I love this community

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Got an awesome deal on a throw and really digging it. Everything went smooth and the yoyo showed up as described. The only thing I would mention is packaging was a little strange but not a problem.

sorry about that. Wife shipped it for me. Usually shipped by me

Well now I want to know what the package looked like. :rofl:

My wife wrapped a Christmas ornament in an oven-mit one time and sent it off. Our relatives who recieved it called and said thanks for the nice oven-mit, but wanted to know where their ornament was. Had to have them put their hand in to find out. :rofl:

joe would have to tell you. I said make sure the yoyo is bubble wrapped. What she did after that… I have no idea lol

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The yoyo itself was wrapped in bubble wrap inside a padded envelope. The strange thing is the yoyo was placed next to the acrylic box for the yoyo. I would just think to put the yoyo in the acrylic box but it got here safe and sound so no complaints.


Awe man! I was hoping you were going to tell me it was wrapped in some super odd way. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh okay I see. I did tell her to take the yoyo out of the box and bubble wrap it because there is a little room inside the box and I didnt want it to get beat around in there during transport… When i recieved it there was plastic wrapped around it which gave it no room to bounce around. Happy it made it safely.


Picked up a throw from @Theycallmecotton shipped quick, packaged great and sent plenty of pics! :+1:

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Bought a YYF Peregrine from @Theycallmecotton. Arrived quickly and in great condition!

He was also very transparent with what damage the yoyo had (though it really wasn’t that bad!).

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Shipping was fine.

Throw was minty fresh.

Life is good.

Buy without worries.

Thanks @Theycallmecotton for being such a great member of this community!

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I appreciate you my friend <3

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Just completed another deal with cotton great communication throughout the whole deal and yoyos were great and were packed securely. would gladly deal with again