Thesis, Gway, Slim Dunk, Deep State etc

couple of throws for sale left to right, top to bottom. Yoyos located in the Netherlands mainland Europe.

  • Yoyofactory Edge Ultimatum, smooth, no marks, no dings, no box. €30 SOLD
  • Thesis Hypothesis in gold. Small mark smooth, no box comes with cloth pouch. €40 SOLD
  • Zeekio Flare, plastic with steel and alu rims. Smooth, no marks. €20
  • Zipline Honey Badger, couple of marks and dings, smooth and no vibe, comes with cloth pouch. €25
  • Jake Bullock Slim Dunk with splash. No marks, smooth. With unresponsive concave bearing. €40
  • 3d printed yoyo, plays decently. €5 or a freebie if you spend more than €50. GONE
  • Aceyo Gravity. Single mark, smooth no box. €35 SOLD
  • One Drop Deep State Saturday Market Colorway. No marks, smooth, comes with box. €55 SOLD
  • Gway Throws Malivore red black “Bloodsport” splash. Smooth, no marks, no dings, comes with box. €55 (Sales price: €38,50 which translates to $37US)
  • Gway Throws Regulator “joker” splash. €60 (Sales prices €42 or $41US) SOLD

This is all excluding shipping.
Shipping is anywhere between €5-€20 depending on location and type of shipping you opt for.

Will throw in a BadWolfeCo string of your choice in with every yoyo.

Buy multiples, get discounts.

Want more or better pictures of a particular throw, just tell me in the buy sell trade talk.

Not looking for trades at the moment but am willing to talk about them.


Just realised all of these are normally only available (when they were) from the States, that means if you’re from EU and you buy them from me you’ll be saving quite a bit of money on import and shipping.


So great playing yoyos available for low prices right here in the EU, no import duties boys!

And for the boys and girls in the states…High dollar, low Euro! Come and gettem!

If you want something but don’t like the price, lemme know. Everything is negotiable.

I’m however not really interested in trades at this time. (Unless you accidentally bought a Shutter Evo and want to get rid of it but I doubt that’s gonna happen.)

But price wise, everything must go!

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Make me an offer people. For the USAians, the euro is currently only $0,90 US. That means an instant 10% discount on anything for you guys.

And I’ll split shipping with any purchase over $50.

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Still available boys and girls. If you have an interest in any of these let me know and I’ll be able to cut you a deal.

Still available guys. In light of Black Friday coming: 30% off on the Gway throws, for the other ones Buy one Get one free.

EDIT: Hypothesis and Gravity are sold.

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Regulator and printed yoyo no longer available.

Malice and Zeekio still here.honey badger and dunk as well.

In the interest of Trades…

Speedaholic XX
Recess Joyride
Yoyofactory American
Onedrop Aitch

Any other good C3 throws

Are all things I’m interested in at this time.

Still have a couple