These Throws Need Love

Some throws FS. Throws just don’t quite get enough love. Prices include shipping, still have the boxes for their respective yoyos.

Rain City Skills Retro Rocket: Good little throw just don’t use it all too much. It has three little spots that can’t be noticed unless you look very closely. I tried to take pictures of the spots but they are tiny enough that my camera could not/ would not focus on them. I’ve never hit it on anything but it was a B-grade and I figure that’s why. 9/10 smooth. -$30

Rain City Skills Showgirl: Just not quite my taste. Mint in box with all the goodies. Smooth as all hell. Only been thrown for about 10 minutes. 10/10 smooth. - $50

Yoyo Factory Meerkat: Some fingernail vibe that it came with out of the box, nothing that affects play. NMTBS, hasn’t seen very much play. 7/10 smooth. - $50

Willing to trade for g2’s, A-RT’s, Duncan Grasshopper GTX , 2Sick Grandmaster, Anomaly yoyos Euphonius, OG YYF Edge. Whatever amount of yoyos or yoyos + cash is needed.

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