Theater kids on the forums?

I was happy to read about other theater kids on the forums. How many of us are there? Isn’t theater awesome? What show are you currently in/ working backstage? I just finished Cinderella yesterday (I was a stagehand) and I’m starting rehersal for Midsummer night’s dream today. It will be my first shakespear show and we only have 5 days of rehersal before the shows. I am Oberon in that. Tell me your stories!

Not a theater kid, but I work at the Oregon Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon.  Been working here for 14 years.  :slight_smile:

I just moved so I’m my doing anything currently, but I’ve been in 9 musicals! Good stuff.

Ive been in a total of 34, midsummer nights dream will be my 35th.

I’ve been in a total of around 17 musicals, and about 138 (?) plays. I guess you could say I’m a theatre man.

side note i have a good buddy that owns a glass blowing studio in ashland, i hear ashland is a great place!

thanks for letting me digress!

I have been in 10 plays 1 musical and am part of a traveling skit team. I love me some theater.

All of the other shows that I have been in have been musicals. Midsummers is my first play. I did this one haunted house thing where its like a tour that goes from room to room in this old creepy house. Each scene was a different Edgar Allen Poe show. I got the pit and the pendulum in the creepy barn. It was pretty cool. I dont count that one as anything though because it wasnt really a “show”.

I am in my school’s theatre group. My first musical-ish play was last year. The thing that we’ve done was playing a song from Grease on stage. This year I got a role in the play and I did use my yoyo as my stage prop, but I wasn’t good as normal yoyoing. Yoyoing + old, different styled poem parts = Bad yoyoing. I didn’t use it at other plays. And one of my other plays was at a country wide high school theatre festival.

P.S For the ones may use TL;DR on this. Basically I yoyoed on stage in a play.

I was forced in plays as a child and that pretty much made me pull away. But I like seeing it.

I’m doing this again this year but it is Grimms fairy tales… Gone bad. Its pretty creepy and cool. I am in a scene called Robber Brodegroom (an unpopular grimm fairy tale) and i get choked with a chain at the end- it is awesome.

Doing christmas carol at the same haunted house in December… I’m scrooge!

I watch musicals. I’ve never been in one so far but it seems fun.

When I studied in the Philippines, our whole class in 6th grade made a beauty and the beast musical which we performed in front of the whole school… I was the Prince and belle was the girl I had a crush on that time haha… during freshman year, we made a movie based on the Trojan war and the fall of troy and stuff, I was Poseidon, and was a soldier, Boom…

I was the beast last summer… And same with the whole crush thing. Thats weird.

Shows for christmas carol start on friday! Im scrooge. Im also really excited for my les mis audition tomorow. Im singing javerts suicide.

Doing Tarzan in the spring
Super hyped

Shows went good, but yesterday was canceled because if the snow and is not getting rescheduled. Oh well. But im excited for les mis! I want to be javert but my theater doesn’t have that many boys, so i think i might just be valjean.

Like two weeks ago we did that and I was tiny tim

Ive never been in tarzan. I didnt know tgere was a stage version either.