The Yoyofactory Super G sent goosebumps up my arms when I first saw it last month. This is a shape that I had been looking for, for awhile and now here it is. The Super G is as strict of an H shape as you can get! Weighing in at 68.1 grams I knew it was gonna have serious drive. I was so so eager to try out this throw like you wouldn’t believe. Like when a grizzly bear breaks into a car at Yellowstone Park looking for food hehe.


Style: String Trick (1a, 3a, 5a)
Shape Stepped H Profile Wing
Diameter (mm) 56.44mm/ 2.22 inches
Width (mm) 42.83mm/ 1.69 inches
Weight (g) 68.1 grams/ 2.4 Oz.
Gap Type Fixed
Gap Width (mm) 4.7mm/ .19 inches
Trapeze width: 38mm/ 1.50 nches
Body: 6061 Tumbled Aluminum
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187in Spec Bearing
Stock Response System Central Bearing Company - Large Bearing 190D Slim Pad
Ages: 8+
Designed In USA
Made in USA

Appearance: The name is rather appealing don’t you think? Super G makes me think of Race Cars or Super G Force. Ultimately, a great tie in with Gentry’s name. Anyway I like the aggressive design of this throw even though this yoyo isn’t exactly pretty in my mind. It’s rather crude as it looks like two tires joined by a center axle hehe. However despite my opinion, I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments on it, but that’s not what’s important. What drew me to this in the first place is the momentum of the design! Some folks like the H profile and others like the round. For me it’s about performance no matter what the shape is.

Play/ Feel: The feel of this yoyo is more comfortable than I expected. Similar in feel to the the Rockstar and Genesis, but heavier, and the outer rims feel stiffer in the palm in my opinion. Currently I have three 68 gram yoyos; The String Theory Quark, the Crucial Confection and now the YYF Super G. I have to say that the Quark feels the heaviest of the three because of it’s smaller compact size. The Super G almost feels like a 67 gram throw such as the Rockstar 2012 or Protostar for example.

Now for the meat of this report… Upon the first throw, I felt the raw power of the design. It is incredibly stable and stays on axis or in the same position from start to finish! It’s a juggernaut of momentum and spins like it’s on rails. I could not wait to do a sleeper. Out of the box I was able to get 5:20 sec. Not bad! It beat my 2012 by 45 seconds. I feel this yoyo is an excellent choice for practice. I mean you can do any trick and don’t have to worry about it turning or tilting on you and you have plenty of spin. Whether you’re working on landing mounts over and over or practicing whips or lacerations, this throw will stay with you throughout. Even way past Master Level.

Regarding it’s play tempo, I find that it’s relatively fast because it has such a small central interior body and so much air in between the rims it really flies about and has really good float too. I was rather impressed by this. The finish is typical of what YYF uses most, same as on the 2012, Catalyst, Yuuksta, Chaotic and some others. It’s suitable for grinds although a finger grind is a bit tricky with this one but it can be done with practice. The inner rim I feel is better than what is on the 2012 as there’s more space for adult fingers under there for IRGs and for kids, well it’s gonna be even easier. Palm and arm grinds are easily done too for that matter.

Catches seem so easy to do on this throw because of all that visual space. And as usual with my yoyo.picks, there is a low wall gap eliminating string drag and offering plenty of space for multiple string layers. The slim pads provide excellent stopping power on this one. I thought for sure I’d have problems with the momentum overpowering the pads, but no. It really stops on a dime when doing binds.

Conclusion: I have to hand it to the YYF people and young Mr. Stein on this one. They really came up with a solid design which I feel is the leading pick out of the $85 dollar group which also includes the Rockstar 2012 and the Catalyst. So if you’re gonna spend $85 bucks on YYF, this in my opinion is the number one choice. It’s a full size CRUSHER.