The YYF Offstring yoyo

So, I used a prototype for the new YYF Offstring recently, and while I’m not going to say anything about the design because I want to respect YYF’s privacy, I will say that it is INSANNNEEE! It is so stable and spins forever! It binds very well while still not being snaggy. I won’t pretend to be an offstring expert, but from my perspective this yoyo kills!

Couldn’t agree more! I’m not the most advanced offstring player but it’s definitely one of the best I have played lately.

It’s called the Flight. Love it! I don’t do offstring much, but I loved it! Tried it at the YYF booth at SkillCon.

are their pictures

there is a picture on their instagram

Yeah not such a breach of privacy

doesnt show the cup, which is where the real bizz is.

… I hope your not talking about some type of oversized hubstack Lolol

there is some serious big brother stuff goin’ on here. the moderators are too real.

but for realll, yyf will show the yoyo in its entirety when they see fit. don’t go blabbing about the you-know-what.

Really, Moderators? Deleting a post because it mentioned something about a new yoyo?

I’d be willing to put $100 down that says there’s not even anything innovative or new about it. Just other peoples ideas repurposed into their product. Like everything else they’ve been doing.

Since YYE Garrett has one, that means it must be dropping somewhat soon.

Someone asked that we not spill the guts on this…

Aww… ;D

i use one of these for 1a

What ever floats your boat I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a fan of yyf, and not really a 4a player, but if they sell it in that exact color and could convince me with the durability, think I’m sold.

I tried it at skillcon IT IS AMAZING

Oh it’s plenty durable. The plastic is very thick.