The YoyoLaboratory Phalanx

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that this throw is being released soon and I intend to try and acquire one if they are not too limited in number. This company has produced the last three releases in the Sturm Panzer line, and so I’m interested to see what they do on their own, and without having to produce a bi-metal.

The reason for the placement of this thread is that if anyone has any insider info on this, has thrown it, or has any ideas about it, please comment below. Kind regards.

Very timely post. I’m sure you know, but they just went up for sale today. Not a huge fan of the axle hole, but really like the specs and price.

Yeah that’s why I posted - I just ordered one, but I was hoping someone may have had some insight before they went on sale. However, YoyoLabs stuff goes on sale really soon after I find out about it. Just took the plunge given that it’s not too costly.