A question about heavy throws and a video :)

Outside of the XLR8 from yoyojam who is making heavy throws, I like the way the XLR8 plays and would like a heavy metal throw.

And here is an unboxing B)


That new Sturm Panzer. Whatever the name is…


Yea, it’s like 70 grams, right?

Yep, 70 g of deliciousness.

I honestly don’t know but I saw that Schneider on another post and it looks awesome, but it has a hefty price tag though.

How did you get the XLR8? I didn’t see it on yoyojam’s page…

It’s all on who you know.

They were available at Worlds…but if he didn’t get one there, I have no idea where he got it.

Turning point outsider.

Yoyoskeel solid

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A good Heavy Metal Throw

Thanks I appreciate those suggestions. I’ll look at each and make a choice.

ok I thought that was a link to your bst I was thinking, he really wants to sell that dreadnought g