A plea for help (Sturm Panzer Schneider-LM )


As some of you may know I have a few little avenues around which I have based my yoyo collection. The main one is that I collect the Sturm Panzer line. I have each retail release as well as protos and yoyolab versions, except the Schneider-LM. I was away at a conference when this was released and according to another store there will be no more.

If any of you out there have one, know of one, or could point me in the direction of one that I could acquire, I would be supremely grateful. You know TA grateful. The kind where I send you something grateful. I know there aren’t many of these out there, but I will pay/trade above and beyond to acquire one, particularly if mint.

My thanks in advance for any help


Sorry Sturm Panzer has acknowledge me as the representative of Western interests so obviously an LM-Schneider would go to me first. :stuck_out_tongue:

I stayed up all night refreshing every 5 seconds or so within 5 minutes of the launch and still couldn’t fill out the address form before some Japanese kid got it.

I don’t know, maybe we could fight to the death for one or something. Though I doubt any of them ever left Japan.


I know how it feels to really want something that will make your collection complete. I think it was a good idea to post here, because so many people will see this and keep that in mind. So many people have helped me when I was looking for certain yo-yos. I will definitely keep an eye out for you. But, you already knew that. :wink:

I don’t own a Sturm Panzer, but I’ve heard great things about them. I hope I’m the one to track that one down for you.


Joe I will put out an APB for you on my page!


I cant say I’m familiar with this particular model but is there a specific color or anything?


Looks like this and they number 3. I highly doubt anyone here is ever going to see one. They sold out in less than 3 minutes even though the retailer jacked the prices to $250, meaning they likely all went to collectors as obsessive as Joe or me.



I have to admit that when I initially went on the hunt I didn’t realize how few there were. Having said that there were very very few of several Sturm Panzer proto models that I did nab, so I was hoping to find one of these. As I mentioned above I will give a lot of cash, a limb, that kind of thing to obtain one. Plus, it looks darn gorgeous. And I thank all of you for the support, I appreciate it hugely. Shai I will gladly duel you if or when the time comes :wink: The collection definitely feels broken without one.