I was just on the Sturm panzer site and they had a link to YYE under retailers. Is SP branching out of Japan?


The YYE table at worlds had Sturm Panzers. I bought one. Garrett said they were so new they weren’t on the online store yet. I expect they’ll be on soon.


Awesome! I’ve always wanted to try sturm panzer throws!


This is Great! I have the Ptrum Panzer Steath Ogre and think it’s great. I’m sure this is going to help them get some new fans!


Awesome news!


We ordered a few different Sturm Panzer models in limited quantities just before Worlds so we brought them to test the waters. People seemed to enjoy them at the contest.

We don’t have a huge amount, but we will be releasing them online soon, if there’s interest we will definitely get some more for online.