The Yoyofficer Musket - questions.

Has anyone played this particular throw or own it?

My curiosity is whether the first run or the second run would be a better choice. Is there Any difference whatsoever, or is it just a difference in color ways? And how well it plays comparatively to the Cypher.

2nd run has slightly bigger gap, by 0,2 mm. 2nd run is better for tricks with more layers of straing, 1st for tighter fancy binds.

You can read review here

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It seems like a really interesting throw. Especially for the price. And it’s not so rare that it costs an arm and a leg.

I was unhappy with my Musket ( I bought it when it first came out) then I replaced the response pads. It became very playable and I am happy with it.
BTW I used the YYF blue pads.

I have a first run Musket and really like it. I’m happy with the gap, but then I don’t do really advanced tricks. It’s a great, fun yoyo. I take it with me to work most days.