Yoyofficer Musket: A High Speed YoYo Review


Yoyofficer is one of those companies that came out of nowhere and made a big splash on the yo-yo scene. It officially started way back in 2012 in China but really didn’t become a big name in the west until last year. Before then it was one of those companies that people talked about in the forums occasionally and those in the know sought them out in their BST of choice. Today is my first real experience with the brand. I had read many reviews of their previous designs on the various forums, most of which had some good things to say about the company so I figured it was time to find out for myself. After being contacted by František Bína, who is part of Yoyofficer’s European marketing team, we decided the Musket would be the one to start me off with. Now I get to see what this company has to offer while doing what I like to do best, play with a new brand.

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Your review gave me something to think about. After a short while I became disenchanted with my Musket. Because of your review I think I will replace the pads and hope for the best. I only have CBC “Slim” 19mm pads on hand so I hope they work.

(Bína) #3

19mm slim pads fits just right, to say truth, they are my preffered bearings in Yoyofficer yoyos.


Very nice Chris, I’ll have to try switching out the pads too to see if mine plays better. I love the shape of the Musket, but it’s just hasn’t grabbed me the way I hoped it would. Also mine squeaks annoyingly when I take it apart, but I’m hoping that will stop over time. Thanks for another stellar review.


The squeaking is probably from a tight bearing seat. i have had that happen before with other brands. the pad switch out helped quite a bit. The black pads are grippy and had me swearing like a sailor when the first knuckle-duster happened. LOL Swapping one pad seemed to fix it. If I had a set of white 19mm pads I would have swapped them both out in a heart beat.


Well I changed my pads to a pair of CBC “slim” pads and there is a world of difference. I am happy once again with my Musket.


Great review. And just in case you were not aware, One Drop makes
19 mm pads now so you no longer have to shave down the flow groove pads :slight_smile:


Accidental double post.


Very true, but I didn’t have any on hand. Instead I had some regular Flow Groove pads and a razor… so I McGyvered it up proper here in the High Speed YoYo bunker. :slight_smile:


Do more Yoyofficer reviews! :smiley:


That is totally up to YYO. They approached me on doing a review. If they are happy with my views on this review then I probably will hear from them again. :slight_smile:


I have the 19mm flow groove pads in all my YYO throws. :slight_smile: Good stuff!


Chris, when you pulled a McGyver how much would you say it improved the yoyo? I have a few sets of one drop pads and some yoyos that could use a pad replacement and I am wondering if this is the answer.