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Yoyo Joker is a brand begun by World Champion, Japanese Designer Daisuke Shimada. If you were at Worlds or saw Worlds’s live stream this year, you may remember that YoyoJoker was one of the events’ sponsors. This model, the Uroboros, is YoyoJoker’s Second Release.

*** Current YoyoExpert Price $180.00 (Oct. 2011) ***

The Name: We can’t start this review without going over this interesting name first. What does Uroboros mean anyway? Sounds Greek. If you agree, then we’re both right. It’s a Greek term for a round symbol that dates back to ancient Egypt. The symbol or Icon if you will, represents a Snake or a Dragon that eat’s its own tail. The definition is “Tail Devourer” which has many esoteric implications but generally it implies the following concepts: Cycles, Recycling, Rebirth, Renewal, Eternity, Perpetuity, Actualization, Limitless Potential Or a Force that CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED!! It’s like the end is the beginning kind of thing. How exciting! What a meaningful name and concept for a yoyo. One can see that the designer is of deep meaning. And when you play this throw, you understand it all.

Appearance: Not only does this yoyo look expensive in person, it also feels expensive! It sports a rather thick look. From the side it reminds me quite a bit of auto rims. Regarding the form, its called an Inverse Round. Or inverted rim… Its intended purpose is to reduce string friction on the body of the yoyo so there is no loss of sleep time. In other words, no DRAG,

This one is kind of a Lilac color with mirror polished inside cups and inner rims. The surface of the wings have micro ridges or grooves which tend to change it’s tone a bit depending on light conditions. The inside caps have a rainbow holographic image of snake or dragon scales as aforementioned of said reptile eating its tail. Well, its the scales wrapping around into themselves really. In any kind of light, these caps are really brilliant, reflective, change color and show movement during spin. It’s the first time I’ve seen this on any yoyo. It’s very original, very attractive and very unique

Feel: The feel of this yoyo is smooth to the touch, broad, light, kinda fat and rather plush. The micro grooves on the wings produce a soft velvety feel in the palm. The outer rims feel rather pronounced but are not harsh to hold because of their softened curvature… It’s circumference offers excellent grip which helps improve torque on your throw. I find it a very comfortable throw.

Play: On the string there is an excellent state of balance, stability and total, utter dead smoothness. It’s practically perfect! The term smoothness gets tossed around all the time, and probably loosely at that but In my experience nothing I’ve tried is this smooth. This yoyo is dead on the string. No Vibe at all. Doing the simple fingernail test feels like you’re running your fingernail across a pane of glass. That’s how smooth it is. It’s absolutely amazing, just amazing.

The yoyo plays fast, hoppy and light. The Uroboros has a lot of float to it. It just glides in the air from one side to the other providing some serious hang time. It travels slow or fast, and is very nimble on the string. The Catch zone is great for landing any kind of trick or mount and the binds are nice and tight. The inner rim is so awesome for doing Irgs and it’s surface does great grinds. The gap is nice and wide so it accomodates your string layers and again, no drag at all.

One of the things that makes this yoyo so worth it, is its incredible spin to weight ratio. For a throw this light it outspins everything else I’ve got as well as everything I’ve been able to try. The sleepers I’ve gotten on this thing are pretty amazing. With an uncleaned bearing for example. I’ve gotten 10:14 sec. Nothing else I have gets this far. For example, my Rockstar 2012 weighs 3 grms heavier at 67 grams and only gave me 4:52 sec (with and uncleaned stock bearing). It also beat my Superstar and my beloved Pyro 3 which is a tad heavier but comes in a close second to the Uroboros. Realistically, I don’t combo for 9-10 min and I don’t know anyone who does either. But it’s meant to show the Uroboros’s design efficiency, integrity and aerodynamics.

Starting at the Master level and beyond, this yoyo will take you to the next level. And then the one after that, and then the one after that, and then…

What comes after master anyway??? I dunno, there’s Superb Master level, Ridiculous Master level and maybe Ludicrous Master level and then finally the creme de la creme, Jedi Master level hehe. The Uroboros will take you to Jedi level hehe.

Conclusion: This is my FINEST throw at present. I consider this THE best yoyo I"ve played EVER. Over the past 4 years I have bought and bought, looking for the best of the best, something that wholly satisfies and JUSTIFIIES the price. With all the yoyos around and the markup attached to them, sometimes you pay a lot for a piece of _______ !! Well FINALLY, I have a yoyo that is WORTHY OF ITS PRICE. I’m so confident about its capabilities that I’d put it up against the flagships of other brands and I’m sure it’d come out on top.

If you have the means and are looking for something in the top 1% of ULTRA HIGH END, then consider looking at YoyoJoker!

That looks like an amazing yoyo… Thanks for starting a little obsession without it in my head

now the Yoyo Joker arrive, we can’t use YYJ on Yoyojam or Yoyojoker because it will be confusing. maybe we can use YYJK for yor yoyojoker?

As always Red! That is a very beautiful yoyo you got there! It looks so chunky, and the color rocks. I love the spinning pic of it. As of late, I have been very interested in the luminous. I love the accrylic rings on it! :slight_smile:

Yes it IS Amazing!! Feel the pain of obsession brother hehe…

Hehe, well I guess one could use YYJK but then maybe people will think its the YYF JK. In the meantime spelling it out works…

Thx… Yes the color is very nice. especially in the sun. Hard to get those spinning shots, but I like to show the throw in action. I saw those acrylic rings on the luminous and thought they were light rings at first. I was like woohoo! Still, it looks killer. Maybe get one of those sometime down the road. thx for stopping by


I have a purple Uroboros I have to concur with everything you said. It is the best Japanese throw I have played by far. It plays so good!!

Just bought a double joker. Hope it’s just as good!

I have the double joker as well. While I prefer the Uroboros the DJ is by no means a slouch. I just prefer the shape of the Uroboros!!!

The purple one looks cool. Thanks for adding your comments!

Congrats Swat noodle! I think that throw looks cool too. I like the silver one. I see that it is even lighter than the Uroboros by a gram and a half almost. It should play really fast. I hope you’ll find the time to put up a review for it at some point.

The DJ does play fast but I think the Uroboros plays faster!! They are both super fast throws. I also have a Strider as well and that plays very well too. More people need to know about the Jokers they are truly some of the best yoyos on the market today!!

Thanks for nice review.
In Japan, YoYoJoker is being abbreviated as YJKR in order to avoid confusion with YoYoJam.
Mr. Daisuke Shimada named his yoyo company YoYoJoker, which include 3 capital letters Y, Y, J, for expressing his special respect to YoYoJam. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this information! I really like this brand.

I’m getting my double joker ib the mail today. I plan on reviewing it the redsigma format. That fine with you?

Yo! I got no problems regarding the format so… Looking forward to reading the report on that one! How Exciting! Good luck ;D

Funny story.

I picked up my DJ yesterday, played it for half an hour and though “it’s not as fast as I thought it would be” Then I played my BvM, and played my DJ again, and it was lightning fast. haha

Yes, I thought it would be a fast one!

Hey, curious. Did your Uroboros come with an extremely responsive KK bearing?