The yoyo after MonkeyFinger Lesula? "details inside"

Hello people again,

I currently am getting a MonkeyFinger Lesula and have a VsNYYC Skywalker,Arctic Circle, Wooly Marmot, and coming soon… Lesula. The budget is $120 and under.

I like floaty-ish/solid throws that spin for a long time, perform great, and are undersized/medium sized. (Looking for a everyday throw due to having the marmot)

hugs in advance

(Please again… don’t comment on this thread unless you are recommedating which yoyo and the yoyo has to be in stock at yye)

yoyomonster checkmate

Puffin. A great comfortable midsized CLYW.

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Dud i love you lol! Man we all good?

I think that the onedrop burnside is a great yoyo. If you want something a little smaller, the cafe racer is good too.

the burnside is like the code 2 just without the side effects and it seems a little bit heftier

How do you like it?


the burnside is like the code 2 just without the side effects and it seems a little bit heftier

with more rim weight and is more h shape and curved. also the finish of the burnside is much better for grinding.

You could get a few cheaper ones? A Echo and a Severe?

The Sasquatch is a great one! I just played one and I loved it. It’s $120 if you get a decent color way.

Due to still needing help with no new threads about this… or posts.

A c3 token or maybe a yyj therory

Theory looks neato. I’d like to get one.

As for the Token: it is a great throw for $28. But it is the opposite of floaty. Even though it’s a pocket throw, when it unwinds, it hits the bottom of the string with determination.

That said, I was playing it last night and its small size helped me work on those tight spaces during Spirit Bomb. :slight_smile: Pretty cool to have around. A really well-performing yoyo!

He has a token.

OD Dietz

Just get a Sasquatch.

3yo3 AL5 - 1 in stock

Al5 or Cliff

Al5 and Cliff are such different beasts. Overall, I prefer the Al5 and it’s so much less expensive to boot.