The Y Factor, by Onedrop | Review

I had this crazy idea to make the entire first paragraph of this review references to Elvis songs. Ever since I first posted pictures of the Y-Factor I have been jokingly calling it the Elvis. I should explain. When pictures of the Y-Factor were leaked to me, OneDrop had not yet settled on a name. When the package arrived on my door from Shawn, I had a chance to play it for a few minutes and put up my own preview pictures, and was told that the name had still not been released. Well I had to put up the article, so I referred to the Y Factor as ‘The Elvis” mainly because that was what was playing on Pandora at the time, and the yo-yo felt like it had this attitude and swagger about it that screamed “Girls pass out when they see me.”
What I didn’t know was that Shawn at OneDrop had a special place in his bowels for Elvis. He hates Elvis. From the sideburns to the tight jeans, Shawn hates Elvis. So when he called me, and jokingly got on my case for calling it the Elvis, I said, I don’t know what your talking about, I was obviously talking about Elvis Costello…. Since then, the joke has stuck. I had nicknamed the Y Factor the Elvis because it needed a name for my article, and it was just too funny to give up after that. Y Factor was just not as fun to say, partially because it does not have this grandiose inside joke behind it. Regardless, the yo-yo is not called the Elvis, it is called Y Factor, and I am here in my Blue Suede Shoes, All Shook Up with anticipation of presenting the review to you, and lets face it; That’s All Right…. (see what I did there?)
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yeah I see what you did there and I love it very funny.