The wife wants her first "real" yoyo

She’s a complete beginner, sleeper and rock the baby type beginner. She broke her hand back in December, but is all healed up now, just not as strong as she used to be.
We’ve narrowed down some features. I’m aiming for something lighter, probably 60g and under, butterfly but with flat sides (not the dished we all love), probably plastic, about the size of a Maverick which I think qualifies as an undersized, slightly more responsive than a maverick, but less responsive than a stock FHZ.
Oh, and she wants it to be pretty.

The reason I put the question out is because I am just getting back into it, and I went straight to the unresponsives. What are the newer beginner to intermediates on the market?

Velocity all the way.

It may be a little big, but that shouldn’t be a problem so early in her yoyoing journey. As for the color…it comes in red, and my cousin (she’s a girl) liked it. Its also adjustable, so you can do anything on it. Don’t believe me?

The velocity isn’t really undersized, but it’s light and has round rims, which are comfortable. It can be adjusted to be unresponsive or responsive just by turning a dial.
There are some alright colors for it, too.

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you just got ninjad

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get her a DIE-NASTY

cough cough responsive cough cough

Neither are good choices for a beginner. Stick w/ the Velocity, I got one for my son and its his fav throw. Always has it on him and I love steeling it on him when he is sleeping LOL!!!

The Velocity is a great choice, seeing as it matches the weight preference. But also, there is the Lyn Fury and Journey. :slight_smile:

Kickside with thick lube!!!

i really liked my velocity. too bad I gave it to my cousin… :’(

Oh my… All I have to say is… CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy that your wife wants to take the next step! That’s almost like going steady! I wish my girl would pick one up, but all she does is say, “That’s nice sweety.” and goes about her merry ways.

Being a 4 month noob myself… I would get her into the kickside. That’s where I began when I was at her level and it was fine. It’s cheap so she doesn’t have to worry about dinging it up. Once she gets used to binds and what not I would toss her right up to a legacy as they are also cheap enough but very unresponsive to get her to learn more and more!

i’d go with a duncan mg.

She wants something light. The legacy is far from that.

pocket change. its cheep and pretty responsive outa the box. its only 14 bucks too!
or if thats a little too good maybe get her a YYF spinstar. its under 10 bucks and for beginners.
DO NOT her a protostar because its oversized, expensive and for advanced play
hope this helps!

speed maker or yyj projam ;D

cough cough thick lube cough cough

cough cough needs an undersizedcough cough

Why not just get her a maverick or dash. If you thick lub them they are responsive, but if you clean and thin lube the bearing they are unresponsive. That’s what i started out with and now i can do advanced tricks with my dash even though its not the “best yoyo I have”.