The Warning Line By Killernor

A fellow thrower by the name of Killernor wanted to see this trick he made up done in high speed.

So here it is, thanks Killernor for showing ME how to do it.

that was really awesome, I can’t believe someone made that up.

That’s some Norwegian power right there.

Staale (Killernor) is awesome. I’ll use the occasion to congratulate him for the HUGE cash prize he just won. He really seems to expand the community over here.

Yeah, hes great. But does he still tomonzzz?

Brett, it’s nice to see you do longer tricks, most things you do seem to be one step, yet still hard, tricks such as triple brent stole, etc. This trick is sweet, and I’d like to see you do more like it, and make up a few of your own :wink:

First off, lol at tomonzz becoming a term.

I believe he’s still accepting gifts, but I’m not sure. People that give him yoyos are usually friends with him and gives him stuff because they want him to have it. He’s getting junk people don’t want. I am in fact giving him a Stealth Fire.