The V help

How good is the V? Is it competition grade? It seems awesome and its from something so I expect it to be great. Anyways, the main question is, is it suitable and able to handle all tricks for competition? Does the sleep last long? How agile is it? Also, I’m looking for a competition grade, daily throw that’s plastic, and I would prefer delrin or other plastic that can grind.

considering a northstar and fhz among other things are good enough for competing, I’d say yes, the V will work just fine. Another option would be the delrin severe

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Yes, I thought nothing could go wrong with a sOMEThING yoyo :smiley: Anyways The V would be great for outdoor practice and th ‘carry around’ yoyo, right?

Yeah, it should work just fine for that. It’s plastic, so you probably won’t be too worried about dropping it/dings/scuffs/whatver, but it’s definitely good enough of a performer to handle whatever you throw at it

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Thx for your help! I’m definitely getting two of these if I start to prepare for a contest.