The unbelievable fix

Ok so I really hope this is not a comon thread in this section already. If it is I apologize, and I will take this thread down, and well yeah any who. I was doing some good work this weekend, and I managed to fix my old Xconvict which had a big hole in one of it’s sides. Long story short do not step on a yoyo even if you leave in you jeans pocket with your jeans on the floor. It’s really bad for the yoyo. Now then I hope to eventually have pictures up of the Xcon now, but just to say a bit about the fix you would be surprised how far a little super glue, and flowable silicone can go when combined with a simple board, and a small clamp. What was one two pieces of a yoyo half is now an xcon that spins better than before I broke it. Oddly enough. I’m talking no vibes. Like I said I hope to have pictures up soon, but when I finished working on my xconvict I wondered if there was a miracle yoyo fixing thread. If it isn’t already out there I was hoping to hear some miracle fix stories. Pictures would be awesome if you got em. Like I said I hope to have mine soon.