The ultimate YYJ Beefcake...

Here is the best YYJ Beefcake IMO…

If only it was playable

use super thick string/ thin rope and it could be thick enough to use just won’t be easy

Will it work with a thin rope?

You much really like this Go Big lol…

Heck yeah! Best offstring IMO.

Next I’m putting laterally caps in it ;).

I don’t feel like trying rope. Just got a pic and failed at doing a trick and put my precious CK back in my previous DV888 modded version,

I beefcaked my cliff once with two CenterTracs

Why not put the Center trac, or whatever that is, in the middle?

CT, idk?!??!?!? 8)

So this is the prototype you tried huh? ._. You’ve got to be kidding

Modification section ja?


facepalm I forgot this should go in M&M…