If you like wearing neklaces with huge chains, read on.

i use a very simple trick when doing this, the Trapeze. before i go on, let me tell you what im gonna do. I am gonna show you a simple but completely customizable way to either carry your yo yos or finish a routine. Now, if you notice when you ever hand wind your yo yo, te loop is nice and, i guess you can say, stardy, right? by that i meen if you tug on that loop, it won’t get bigger or loose, well this trick is based all on that. 1, you get into a trapeze, 2 you make the loop as big or as small as you want, 3, open the loop, 4, stick your head through the loop, 5, let the yo yo dangle for a little bit, 6, take the slip knot off your finger, 7, wrap it around your yo yo just like you would if winding it up, 8, walk away sporting your yoyo neklace. you will get attention, ESPECIALLY if your are wearing the BigYo or Big Ben. now is the time to make it your own, customize it. make it to were you have two yoyos on one string or something else.
i’ll leave with this quote from my favorite song. “The possibilities are never ending.” from Endless Possibilities.

lol that sounds pretty cool but i think it looks better with Anodized yoyos or ibanezcollector’s color changing yoyos. i’m not sure if this should go in the tricks section though.

well you have to know trapeze to do this, so i guess this would more than likely be a trick add-on or something like that.

well not really cause it’s not a real trick. utilizing a trick in this method doesn’t matter that much.
It’s like saying that writing CLYW on a yoyo will make it a Caribou Lodge original,
wow i gotta think of a better analogy but it’s still the same on a basic level

A video of all that writing in motion would be awesome.
Please hook it up

I definitely think this is a trick, although a very, very silly one. I’ll make a video for you when I have a chance Max. Thanks for sharing Xig!

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thanks for deciding to make a vid of it, especially since i am STILL stuck with using the Wii’s internet channel.