The Torino by ILYY | Review

For a company initially created by two guys in a garage seeking to create a throw both players could enjoy, ILOVEYOYO has certainly grown up. Frank and Dominik have done a terrific job taking a small co-op project and turning it into an international staple of premium quality yo-yos. One of the latest new designs that ILOVEYOYO has released is the Torino, an updated adaptation of the Wasabi. Over the last few years, the Wasabi has generated mixed feedback. At only 60 grams, it was a bit lighter than comparably popular models which acted as an interest barrier to many players. Listening from the customer base, ILOVEYOYO revisited the Wasabi design and moved around the specs for the Wasabi 09 edition. ILYY was not done, and changed up the new design again to produce an entire new release tuned for Dominik’s preferred play style. The Torino was born.

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